Fish oil, especially those rich in Omega 3, has been proven to produce some rather extraordinary health benefits. It now seems that you can... Using Fish Oil to Stimulate Hair Growth

Fish oil, especially those rich in Omega 3, has been proven to produce some rather extraordinary health benefits. It now seems that you can add hair growth to the constantly growing list of benefits associated with this natural product. With the constant deterioration of the environment, one of the most commonly effected areas of the human body is the hair. When you consider such influences as UV ray exposure, unhealthy lifestyles and poor eating habits you can see how many people are suffering from thinning hair or balding. Studies are surfacing that suggest that the use of fish oil can help stimulate hair growth.

Obviously, fish oil will not counter balance mistreatment of the air or poor health choices, but when all other factors are in harmony and balance, fish oil — rich in omega 3 — can help promote healthier, stronger and longer hair.


When Things Go Wrong

The current culture that encapsulates Americans is filled with opportunity after opportunity to engage in activities that tend to prove unhealthy for your body. There is a great deal of over indulgence, even in the things that would normally be considered healthy, but too much of anything becomes an unhealthy endeavor. When you consider all of the unhealthy things that many people are engaging, it is no surprise that this nation is in a health crisis.

When someone uses the term health crises, rarely does anyone consider hair loss; however, hair loss is a result of a health issue, and it can be addressed by engaging other health concerns that serve as the source. Because hair plays such a vital role in identity and aesthetics, especially when it comes to women, hair loss can be a devastating condition — being indicative of an existing health issue — while also causing psychological strain as well.



The Research

There is a significant amount of research that points to the fact that omega 3 oils have powerful healing properties, and this includes reversing the effects of unhealthy hair. The healing properties of fish oil help to ensure the proper functioning of the body, ultimately promoting healthy hair and skin. The fish oil helps stimulate growth and increased thickness.

There are still more studies currently in progress, and experts are anticipating the results from these studies. The future for hair growth as it pertains to fish oil is extremely promising. The key is to restore the body back to complete balance and harmony.

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How it Works

When you begin dealing with issues concerning the hair, you must always begn with the scalp and hair follicles. No matter what you do, if your scalp and hair follicles are not healthy, you are going to continue to struggle with hair loss and damage. The nutrients in fish oil serve to provide the necessary nourishment and nutrients, such as protein, which help stimulate circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. This is the beginning of the healing process.

Fish oil has also been proven to help strengthen the hair roots. Just as with any plant or tree, if the hair has strong roots, it will be able to stand up to the normal wear and tear that is associated with everyday life without being pulled out easily.

Fish oil is rich in protein and since hair is made of protein, it stands to reason that the more protein that you have in your diet, the stronger and healthier your hair will become. This is why including fish oil in your diet has such as massive impact. Experts suggest that you should include fish in your diet at least two to three times per week in order to experience the full benefits associated with omega 3. Some of the best fish to consider consuming are sardines, mackerel, herring, albacore tuna and salmon.

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Overall Health

Anytime your health suffers in anyway it creates an unnatural hormone imbalance that wreaks havoc on your hair health. Because omega 3 oils are beneficial to the overall health of the body, it helps to promote healthy hair indirectly as well.


Some Things to Think About

The one way that fish oil differs from most of the other natural oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil and more, that you may have heard about is the fact that it cannot be used as a topical treatment. It is not so much that it cannot be used as a topical treatment, it is simply that the odor is so unpleasant that you would not consider using it topically in most instances. It is a shame too, because fish oil is the best resource to use in order to protect your hair and scalp form drying out as well as providing a deep moisturizing effect.

The primary way that most people benefit from fish oil is by including it in their diet on a regular basis. These oils that have been extracted from fish are highly advantageous when it comes to your overall health and your hair health as well.

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Using Supplements

For a number of reasons, many people find it challenging to incorporate adequate fish and fish oil into their diet. If you happen to fall into that category, you can also use fish oil supplements instead, which is also great if the smell is a little too much for you to take. The supplements normally come in a gel cap that is easy to swallow and digest. The supplements can be found at most vitamin and supplement stores, but he omega 3 oil will be the most effective in its natural form. Supplementation will ensure that you are meeting the minimum suggested consumption on a regular basis.

If you have noticed that your hair is thinning and you have not been successful in reversing the effects, you should try using omega 3 fish oil. You will find that it will benefit your health in a number of ways. Obviously, you will have to give attention to any other activity or situation that may be adversely impacting your hair growth. The goal is to assume what is known as a 360 healthy life style — creating balance in every area.


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  • William Dilworth

    September 21, 2017 #1 Author

    Hi there I’m having problem losing hair I have a large bit at the front and a circle at the back is there anything that I can use to help me to grow hair back.
    At my wits end now.


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