Tea tree oil is widely known as one of the best essential oil. It is used in thousands of different ways, by millions of...

Tea tree oil is widely known as one of the best essential oil. It is used in thousands of different ways, by millions of different people around the world, from the present day to thousands of years ago. The secrets of tea tree oil has been passed down through generation after generation, from family member to family member, and now almost everyone knows the great benefits of this essential oil, whether you are burning it as an aroma, or applying it to your body.

One way that tea tree oil is often used, is in the hair. It is widely known that tea tree oil has huge benefits for the hair, everything from the appearance of your hair, to making it healthier. One question that is often asked is the question,is tea tree oil good for hair growth? Many people are suffering from hair loss, or want thicker hair, and they may be wondering if usingtea tree oil for hair growth is actually worth it, or if it is another snake oil scheme that doesn’t lead to any hair growth at all. If you have wondered the answer to this question then you should read on, because this article contains the answer.

Tea tree oil

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What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is an oil which is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, also known as the Narrow-Leaves Tea-Tree. It is native to New South Wales in Australia. It has a variety of purposes, it is a great antibacterial oil, antiviral oil, anti infection oil, and anti fungal.

Tea tree oil is used often because it is known as being good for the skin. It is also good for soothing the symptoms in a variety of different conditions, including tonsillitis, TB, sinusitis, and bronchitis. It is also used in viral, and bacterial infections to sooth the symptoms.

In the context of this article it s hair related benefits are what we will be focusing, and it has many. That is why you often find tea tree shampoo, as it heals infection on the hair, and the scalp, as well as helping with scalp irritations.

It is also a great natural antiseptic, it also makes a fantastic fungicide, and bactericide. With these many different uses, it is know wonder it is so popular among people around the world.

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Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Hair Growth?

The simple answer is yes, tea tree oil is fantastic for hair growth. If you are currently suffering from thinning hair, bald hair, or you just want more thicker hair, then you should definitely consider tea tree.

The essential oils within the tea tree work to stimulate growth in the hair follicles, perhaps where growth had stopped previously, or where it has slow down. Regular use over time will eventually cause the hair to begin regrowing, or growing at a much faster rate. The tea tree oil begins to open up the hair follicles, allowing them to grow again.

While it can be useful, extremely useful in fact in cases where people are suffering from any kind of natural baldness. It is especially useful in cases where the thinning hair not growing as fast as it should, is caused by a fungal or other kind of infection (which is more common that many people imagine). This is because tea tree oil is a powerful anti fungal agent, and great at fighting any kind of infection. If this kind of infection is the cause of your hair loss, then tea tree oil will work extremely well for you. After just using it for a few weeks, or even days, you will seem massive improvement to your hair situation, and you will almost certainly see increased growth very quickly.

But if your hair loss is not caused by a fungal, or other infection, you do not need to worry, as tea tree oil is still fairly effective in these cases, and you should still see improvements to the rate of your hair growth.

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How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Hair Growth

It is really simple to use tea tree oil for hair growth it doesn’t require any real effort at all. The very simplest solution is to buy some kind of tea tree oil shampoo and begin using it on your hair. Even if you weren’t concerned about the hair growth benefits of tea tree oil this would still be a good idea, as it has significant benefits for your hair in general. It will make your hair look shinier, healthier, and it well help to make your hair feel a lot better. It works as a moisturizer, helping your hair to feel good. It will get rid of any kind of fungal, bacterial or viral infection, and you head, scalp, and hair will be all round healthier. In addition to these benefits, as we know, it will stimulate hair follicles and cause growth of the hair.

Tea tree shampoo is the simplest way of getting the benefits, but it is not the only method, there are in fact other ways to get tea tree oil to your head and scalp and reap the benefits of this great essential oil.

You should always start with the tea tree shampoo, but you could also burn it as an essential oil essence as well. Burn it while you are sitting in your living room and you skin will begin absorbing the essential oil, giving you the skin benefits. In addition your scalp will begin to absorb the tea tree oil, giving you the benefits.

These two methods combine make a powerful combination to battle hair loss, and begin to grow it back. Tea tree oil is genuinely one of the best all natural solutions to promote hair growth. Considering the low risk due to the fact that it is a natural substance, you should try using tea tree oil before you use any other kind of more chemically based solution, as this might work for you, and then you might not require any kind of chemical solution, which could damage your scalp, as you will have used the more natural, safer solution.

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  • Lynn

    September 16, 2015 #1 Author

    i started putting a few drops in our shampoo as protection from headlice. One of our grand daughters seemed to get headlice a couple times a year. I wanted some help in prevention from us getting them and had heard tea tree oil was good for that. After several weeks of use, I began to notice that when I combed or brushed my hair, very few hairs would be in the comb. It was down from about 20 hairs or so to 2 – 4 hairs. I could only attribute this to the tea tree oil.


  • Rosie Craig

    January 14, 2017 #2 Author

    Is Tea tree oil any good for hair growth after chemo?


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