Hair growth inhibitors are made from plant extracts so they don’t damage your skin. You will notice a reduction of hair growth after a... Is Hair Growth Inhibitor Lotion Safe for Everyday Use?

Hair growth inhibitors are made from plant extracts so they don’t damage your skin. You will notice a reduction of hair growth after a few months of continued use. If you find any hair growth, it will be thinner and finer like baby hair making it much easier for you to remove it.

However, hair growth inhibitors are not miracle products to make your hair vanish overnight because they are not like laser treatments. What hair growth retardant products do is weaken your hair follicles with every treatment until your hair stops growing.

The only problem is that there are many different types of hair growth from fine to very coarse hair, which is much harder to treat and take longer to see the desired results. It is advised to continue using the product for at least three months before judging the results.

After extensive research on hair growth inhibitor lotion reviews, we found that Vaniga Cream Hair Growth Inhibitor and Kalo® Post Epilating Lotion  are the best products that inhibit hair growth for the majority of users when the hair is removed from the roots.


Vaniqa cream hair growth inhibitor

Vaniga is currently the only growth inhibitor that is approved by FDA. It contains 13.9 percent eflornithine ingredient clinically proven to alter hair growth in men. Women who have used this cream for four months have seen a decrease in the amount of facial hair and growth rate. The manufacturer of this product states that Vaniga can reduce the frequency of your hair removal, but this product is only available by prescription.

Vaniga is clinically proven to slow facial hair growth in most women’s faces.

kaloKalo Post Epilating Lotion have herbs and natural compounds specially formulated to penetrate the hair follicles safely. It is the best product for men and women who want a hair-free body.  It will prevent 10 percent of the hair from growing. It works well with sugaring, waxing, threading, tweezing, and shaving. Since it is completely natural, it is safe on sensitive areas like the bikini lines and genital areas. It has no side effects.

The process should always start by removing unwanted body hair with your preferred method of hair removal then the exposed base of the hair follicles should be saturated with Kalo solution to slow down the growth. This works for both men and women. There is no need to worry about oily residue as it penetrates the skin quickly. It can be applied to the skin before other products, and it will not interfere with Aftershaves, perfumes, or skin creams. It will not clog the pores or resurface with perspiration.

Kalo®  will protect your skin from dryness. If you want to shave in order to control unwanted body hair, apply Kalo twice a day for one week and once daily after that until you achieve the desired results.

Kalo mimics the way our natural hair inhibitor system works in male pattern baldness. The solution should be applied three times after the hair removal system then, two times the day after. You should see the results after four hair removal sessions. It works on thick coarse hair but works faster on thin fine hair.


What is Kalo?

Kalo®  is a true hair inhibitor lotion for permanent hair removal. You don’t have to use it for the rest of your life as maintenance lotion. Simply use it after your regular hair removal method.  Each time you use Kalo lotion or spray, the hair growth will be weaker and fines until it is completely gone. Kalo spray is best used in large areas of the body. Kalo lotion is suitable for smaller areas like the underarms, bikini area, or the face.

Kalo® was the first of its kind when it was released early 1997. It has been tested for five years before it was made available in the market.

Most common areas to remove hair:

  • Facial Hair
  • Under Arm Hair
  • Leg Hair
  • Chest Hair
  • Back Hair
  • Ear Hair
  • Pubic Hair/Bikini Line


Kalo vs Vaniga

Unlike Vaniga, Kalo can be used on facial hair and body hair. Kalo has sulfur reducer which interrupts your hair’s growth cycle. Sulfur is great for hair growth, but sulfur-reducing ingredients can inhibit it. There has been no clinical evidence to prove this claim and the manufacturer did not specify in their website which ingredient is reducing the sulfur’s activity.


Body Hair Growth Inhibitors

If you want to reduce or get rid of hair growth in undesirable areas of your body, laser hair removal is your best option, but it is too costly.

You can shave and wax regularly, then consider applying hair growth inhibitor cream after each hair removal session. While some of these creams do not permanently remove your hair, but it will discourage growth when it is used in conjunction your regular hair removal methods.  However, before you try a hair growth inhibitor lotion, cream or spray, you must talk to your doctor or dermatologist.


Revitol Hair Removal Cream

31U+cSRjdBLRevitol Hair Removal Cream is one of the most preferred hair removal creams because it actually removes hair from the roots and inhibits regrowth of new hair. It contains bioactive plant extracts that absorb into the hair-free follicles to naturally reduce the hair shaft and make your hair finer and thinner. The cream contains calcium thioglycolate and thioglycolic acid used as depilatories and hair-straightening treatments.As with other treatments, while it will work for some people, it may not work for others. Make sure that you test the product before using. The real secret is patience. You have to wait for a few months before you can see results.

Before you use any hair growth inhibitor lotion, cream, or spray, you have to talk to your doctor or dermatologist as it may cause skin irritation. If any rash develops, discontinue use and see your doctor right away.



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