Millions of men find it very difficult to grow facial hair. For some, it only takes a few days for their face to be... Is Facial Hair Growth Cream Your Best Option?

Millions of men find it very difficult to grow facial hair. For some, it only takes a few days for their face to be completely covered, but for others, it takes weeks or even months. A lot of this has something to do with genetics, but for those whose family members struggle to grow a beard, you must look for methods to help you.

There are creams and medical treatments that work. Natural and home treatments are also available.




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Beard growing cream

Since men have been trying to grow facial hair, numerous companies have attempted to hit the market with products to help them. While some of these products have worked to help boost the cells that hair growth, many of them have not. Here are some of the best products to help grow hair on your face.


Mustache Growing Cream

Mustache growing cream is for those who struggle to get hair above their upper lip. This product can also be used for beard and chest hair growth. When this cream applied twice a day to whatever area of your body, you want more hair to grow. After three weeks, you should begin to see some light hair develop. When using this cream, remember not to wash it off. Just rub the cream into the skin.


Green Magic Hair Growth Cream

41CjmopkBbL._SL160_The Green Magic hair growth cream is one of the best face hair creams to help those who want to grow their beard. It has been proven to work in as early as two weeks. It contains sulfur so if you have allergic reaction to this ingredient, try another cream instead. If you have bald spots, the Green Magic Hair Growth Cream will safely and quickly make those spots disappear.


Kismera Regenerating Cream for Hair Growth

This cream is one of the best regenerating creams you can find today because it encourages hair growth on the face. It was created to help provide the vitamin complex needed for hair growth to make it stronger.


Medical Treatments

There are a few medical treatment alternatives men can opt for if they are older, and their hair is not growing as quickly as it used to. Visit your doctor or dermatologist, so they can check your testosterone levels.


• Testosterone Treatment

Your doctor will prescribe medication like creams that you can apply daily, pills or Testosterone Replacement Therapy if your testosterone count is too low. However, you have to be careful about the amount of testosterone you use at any given time because so much of it can inhibit facial hair growth. This type of treatment is not an overnight fix but it will take about a year for it to start working. This is not the fastest method to help you grow your beard.


• Surgery

Your surgeon can transplant hair follicles from the back of your head to your cheeks. This is an outpatient procedure, but it could still take about a year or two for your hair to start growing properly.


Vitamins to encourage hair growth

Your overall health and wellness play an important role in your hair growth. To make sure your hair grows the way it should, take certain vitamins to help with your facial hair growth.

  • Vitamin A plays an important role in forming the red blood cells to help the oxygen pass throughout the body and make sure that the scalp is nourished.
  • Vitamin B helps with the blood circulation and supports cell growth. Vitamin B deficiency has been linked to hair loss.
  • Vitamin C is essential to your scalp and overall health of your skin.
  • Vitamin is rich in antioxidant to help support the health of your skin and scalp. It helps nourish the scalp and protect it from the damage caused by the ultraviolet light. There are many foods rich in vitamin E, but if you are not getting enough nutrients, you need, there are numerous vitamins designed to improve the health of your hair and encourage faster growth.

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• Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth

418lY41JjALVibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth is a fully researched supplement made of natural herbal extracts and other ingredients to help your hair grow faster. Thirty five vitamins, minerals, and herbs were used to make your hair grow healthier. The ingredient that stands out in this product is it is dairy, gluten, and wheat free and has absolutely no artificial ingredients.  It is advised to those who are taking this supplement to wait up to three months to see the best results. Every capsule adheres to strict guidelines set by US FDA.


Natural and Home Remedies

One of the best ways to help your beard grow quicker is to wash your face with warm water and mild cleanser every morning because this helps promote beard growth. Moisturizing cream with eucalyptus can help your hair grow faster. By keeping your skin moisturized and free of any dead skin cells, your beard will begin to grow quicker.

One of the best home remedies that men are hesitant about is by exfoliation their skin at least once a week. The thought of wearing a green mask is something that most men may not consider, but it is a great solution. There are exfoliant and scrubs especially created for men to help remove dead cells from their face. While each masks and scrubs have different instructions, you need to leave it on your face for 30 minutes before rinsing with water.

Decrease hair growth on the face and head is one of the causes of many ailments and health problems experienced by both men and women because it is difficult for your body to work properly. However, since you can’t totally get rid of stress, you can reduce it by general exercise, meditation, and yoga.


Overall, what is your best bet?

Your best bet is a stress-free and healthy life. Talk to your doctor about testosterone therapy or try one of the creams mentioned in this article or home remedies. The real secret to beard growth is the combination of multiple factors.


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  • julet wilson

    October 23, 2016 #41 Author

    Hi, Am Juliet Wilson, I came across some few comments about Dr UDU , hip’s curve Brest bombs Enlargement cream some weeks ago, though I had really wanted my hip to grow large, and Brest, I never thought of having it as great as it is now, I am now very good looking right now , am really amazed on the fast results archived within 3 weeks of using the , hip’s curve Brest bombs Enlargement cream since I purchased 1 for myself, now and i believe my husband will love it more now, am very happy for this , hip’s curve Brest bombs Enlargement experience and so grateful to the the Dr and his Penis, hip’s curve Brest bombs Enlargement Company/professionals. His contacts are via: or


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    Could any specific hair cream cause harm to facial beards?


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