If you are suffering with premature hair loss; have naturally thin hair or have begun to notice that you are losing excessive amounts of...

If you are suffering with premature hair loss; have naturally thin hair or have begun to notice that you are losing excessive amounts of hair then you should know that help is available. Today many people are discovering wonderful results when they use emu oil for hair growth issues.

Alopecia, stress and heredity are just a few of the factors that can set the stage for progressive loss of hair. In the “not too distant past” there were few products that could reliably offer help to individuals who were attempting to combat thinning hair or male pattern baldness. Some women were frustrated to see that the birth of a baby could soon lead to excessive hair thinning. Just look online and you can find a number of consumers that are happily regrowing thick, healthy hair thanks to the use of natural emu oil.

As a result of the positive results with emu oil for hair growth testimonials are being submitted by satisfied users from around the world.

When you begin to regularly use emu oil for hair growth results will soon become noticeable. Check out a few of the emu oil for hair growth reviews and find out for yourself how easy it is to thicken, strengthen and restore the hair that you had once thought was lost forever.

It is very simple to learn the basic steps that show you how to use emu oil for hair growth. Please remember that each individual consumer will experience a varying degree of hair growth. It may take one individual a few weeks to realize positive results while others may require a few months before noticing any visible changes.


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More than 50 million individuals in the US are believed to be suffering from the negative effects caused by the loss of their hair. Whether the hair loss is because of a genetic issue, induced by high levels of stress or due to a medical condition the effects can be devastating. Many of these people will have to deal with anxiety, depression other negative emotions that unexpected hair loss can create.

During the mid 1990s research proved that the documented emu oil for hair growth results were undeniable. In separate studies there were a number of beneficial results realized when this oil was used as a treatment to stimulate hair growth. In one Boston University study it was discovered that up to 80% of dormant hair follicles were rejuvenated by the regular use of emu oil. In addition these same hair follicles were noted to be stronger and more resilient than they had been prior to the application of this natural animal-based oil.

There was also an increase in the synthesis of DNA. This activity was noted to result in a sharp increase in the amount of hair growth when emu oil was used. The scientific team was able to conclude that emu oil did indeed provide benefits that could help combat hair loss. With regular topical applications of emu oil it could be possible for many individuals to regrow their hair.

Hair follicles are known to be cyclic in nature. The follicles will go through stages of active growth that last for varying periods of time. Then the growth stage will be followed by dormant periods where growth is inhibited. In some instances the dormant periods will last for an extended length of time. This can easily result in loss of hair, decreased hair growth and thin, brittle hair strands.

With emu oil many individuals can reverse the dormant stage and stimulate the hair follicles back into cycles of active hair growth. Even those stubborn, receding hairlines and thinning crowns can benefit from the use of emu oil. These areas of the scalp have often proven to be extremely resistant to prescription medicines that are designed to restore hair growth. Studies show that emu oil can produce substantial growth rates for new hair in these difficult-to-manage scalp areas.

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How to use emu oil for hair growth

The use of Emu oil for hair growth reviews has shown that this natural oil is now becoming a popular option for consumers. How to use emu oil for hair growth is completely foolproof. In fact there is scarcely a wrong way to use this topical hair follicle stimulant. You simply apply the oil to your scalp and gently massage your head. That is all that you have to do to begin regrowing your hair.

There is no prescription necessary to obtain this product. You do not even have to follow up with routine visits to a physician.

It is very easy to experience ultimate hair growth results in a very short period of time once you establish a routine that includes the use of emu oil. You can use the oil as a conditioner when you shampoo or just apply it as a scalp treatment in the morning and evening.

You only need to massage a small portion of natural emu oil into your scalp each day. For the best results you should reapply the emu oil at least 2-3 times per day.

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Safe and Natural

Unlike many of those pharmaceutical products that are being offered as hair loss restoratives the guaranteed safety of emu oil is winning favor with customers. This oil is a natural derivative that is completely safe for consumers to use on a daily basis.

Emu oil is affordable, readily available and even contains anti-inflammatory compounds. When used as directed the oil can boost the rate of hair growth, thicken your natural hair and improve the condition of your scalp. It has been established that the regeneration process of hair and skin cells receives a number of important benefits from topical applications of emu oil.

Check the label and make sure that you are purchasing refined emu oil for hair growth. This is a processed product that consists only of 100% emu oil. The oil has undergone testing and necessary refinements in order to guarantee that the end result is a completely safe product that is intended for topical use by consumers.

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  • Diane

    May 6, 2015 #1 Author

    I would like to know if this is safe for:
    My mom lost hair during chemotherapy, it is growing in except for an area on scalp that is a mole 3in in diameter. Do u have any knowledge in this area

    Thank you.


    • Patricia H Sandifer

      September 10, 2016 #2 Author

      Use black Jamaican castor for the mole. It will shrink it and it will disappear. Continue to use the emu oil at the same time.



    November 18, 2016 #3 Author



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