Men and women all over the world want great-looking hair that millions are spent on hair-care products and treatments every year.  Biotin for hair growth... How Much Biotin for Hair Growth Do You Need?

Men and women all over the world want great-looking hair that millions are spent on hair-care products and treatments every year.  Biotin for hair growth is unheard of, but it is something worth checking out.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a B complex vitamin which is also called vitamin H. It is a natural occurring vitamin found in Swiss chard, liver, halibut, almonds, nuts, eggs, wheat products, beans, and mushrooms. Biotin is essential to our health to help metabolize amino and fatty acid in our body, so we can efficiently use it for energy. Poor nutrition is one of the causes of biotin deficiency, and the earliest sign of biotin deficiency is hair breakage, hair loss, brittle nails, and dry skin. Additionally, people with A blood type and those with severe reflux have difficulty absorbing biotin from food.

Just how much biotin for hair growth is required from your regular diet for your hair to gain the benefit from this nutrient is still unknown. However, in one scientific study researchers could find out that men who took the 5mg biotin supplements for about six months could improve their hair density and restore the natural color of their hair.

Biotin Supplements dosage for hair growth

Biotin is a dietary supplement and not a wonder medicine that can miraculously give you healthy and shiny hair.  Biotin may help with hair growth, but you also have to take care of your hair. Adopting a regular hair regimen, avoiding harsh chemicals and heat treatments will lessen damage and breakage.  Hair vitamins are getting very popular because it is formulated with the recommended dosage of vitamins beneficial to the hair.

As of late, there are no published reports on biotin toxicity for doses as high as 200mg. However, for Biotin supplement’s dosage for hair growth more than the recommended doses, it should not be taken without medical supervision. While there are many shampoos, conditioners with Biotin for hair and scalp can help, very little of biotin is absorbed and nothing beats biotin nutrients found in diet and supplements.

How much biotin for hair growth a day is required for hair growth?

FDA recommends 35 mcg of Biotin for 19 years and older, which is fulfilled through normal diet. The average biotin we consume once a day is 40 to 60 mcg and the richest sources of Biotin is egg yolk, avocado, liver, and salmon. For pregnant women of all ages, the recommended dosage is 30 mcg daily and 35 mcg for lactating women.

Biotin 5000 mcg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules is one of the best supplements in the market today because it has extra strength formulation. Each serving has 5000 mcg (five mg) of pure B-complex vitamin for cell growth and should be taken with food. It is 100 percent vegetarian and free of wheat, dairy, and gluten with no fillers, binders, or artificial flavors.

Natrol Biotin (10, 000 mcg) Maximum Strength is another supplement that supports healthy and luxurious hair growth. And, since biotin is a water-soluble, vitamin, it is safe when taken within the recommended every-day dosage. Since Biotin is necessary for cell growth, taking 10,000 mcg (10mg) a day will help ensure that your needs are met. Natrol manufactures this product in the U.S., and it is free of corn, milk wheat, yeast, glutens, flavors, and colors. It has no starch, sugar, and preservatives so it is safe, which makes this one of the best-loved supplements worldwide.  However, you must consult your healthcare professional before taking biotin for hair growth if you are pregnant, lactating, or taking prescription drugs.

There are a large number of Biotin enriched shampoos and conditioners claiming all kinds of special benefits for your hair type. Many of them contain biotin for hair growth and ranges from affordable to expensive brands, but the price difference is not all about the brand but the ingredients. So, make sure you check the label.

If you have fragile, fine, or thinning hair, you can use Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo breakthrough treatment with your vitamin supplement because it has revitalizing botanical oil, amazing jojoba, and amino acids to clean your scalp of excess oil and give your hair a renewed life and incredible body and thickness. Just massage the shampoo to your hair and scalp, leave it for three minutes to allow the revitalizing nutrients to work on your scalp then follow with a mild conditioner to counteract the hair thinning. Nexxus VitaTress infusing biotin choline, inositol, cysteine, and methionine with DHT inhibitors will provide your hair with circulation boosters for optimal hair growth.

Biotin and Old Wives Tales

Did you hear an old wives tale that a glass of beer will make your hair longer and stronger? Well, that’s because the beer has brewer’s yeast, which is an excellent source of biotin. In fact, many people create a brewer’s yeast hair mask and are very happy with the results.

Is Biotin good for hair growth?

Biotin is called vitamin B7 or vitamin H, one of the eight vitamins in B-complex vitamins. It is present in our body, and its main function is to help process energy by carrying carbon dioxide through our body. However, it can be depleted by working long hours, intense exercise, and high-stress levels.

The rejuvenating properties of Biotin for hair and scalp aids in the development of new cells are very critical in reversing hair loss. If our body has proper biotin levels, our bone marrow, nerve tissue, and sweat glands will function at their peak efficiency. As a health-conscious person, you should know that vitamin B-complex play an essential rose in metabolizing energy, but you may not know about the actions of Biotin as a B vitamin. While external treatments can help reverse hair loss, taking supplements will speed up the process.

Biotin Hair Growth Benefits.

If your body is deficient of Biotin, you will experience hair loss, and brittle nails and taking B-vitamin supplements will inhibit the process. Biotin’s role in the maintenance and growth of your hair is essential because it will help stimulate new hair. Even if hair loss is not caused by Biotin deficiency or your body already has the normal levels of these vitamins, you can take this supplement regularly if you want to capitalize on its ability to encourage rapid hair growth.

What is the role of Biotin in hair growth?

Our hair is made of Keratin, a protein made from amino acids and Biotin is used by our body to break down the proteins we consume in our diet needed to form the keratin. This makes biotin highly effective in cellular growth, production of fatty acids, amino acids, fats, and hair-loss treatment. If you want to take biotin to reverse graying, 500 mg is the recommended dose. While there are many factors that cause graying, Biotin has proven to be efficient in improving your hair.

Balance diet, essential vitamins and minerals will help reverse hair loss and give you healthier and stronger hair overtime without the need for supplementing solutions. However, if you have to take biotin for hair growth, ask your doctor how much biotin for hair growth you need to avoid overdosing.


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  • Sheila Fahey

    April 22, 2016 #1 Author

    I’m taking part in a study of how the prescription eye drops, Lumigan, affect nail growth and brightness. It’s applied to each nail on one hand with a placebo on the other. I don’t know which is which. I’m supposed to refrain from using shampoo containing biotin and essential fatty acids for 30 days. Do you know if there is such a product?


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