Taking Silica for hair growth? Out of nowhere, this wonderful trace mineral is getting a main attraction attention hereabout. How did it get here?... Hair Growth Shampoo for Men We Love

Taking Silica for hair growth? Out of nowhere, this wonderful trace mineral is getting a main attraction attention hereabout. How did it get here?

Silica is a lesser-known micro nutrient that has key roles in the growth and development in humans. It is otherwise known as silicon, one of the most plentiful minerals in the universe. Silica is responsible for collagen synthesis. Collagen encompasses the connective tissues and skin, including hair follicles.

This trace mineral regulates of calcium and magnesium, elements that form bones and teeth. It aids in regulating the absorption and balance of the minerals. A hormonal imbalance of these minerals leads to osteoporosis. Silica serves to consolidate bone mineralization for stronger bone development and to mitigate and counter tendencies in bone deformation.

Silica has alkalizing properties that counters the body’s acidic environment due to poor diet choices. It controls pH in the body to safeguard it against attacks to the immune system and diseases. An acidic scalp is an invitation to infection, damaged follicles and hair breakage.

Research done on this trace mineral since the 17th century up to the present confirms the secrets to infant’s and children’s supple skin, radiant hair and flawless nails – silica. Calcium needs vitamin D3 for proper absorption and essentially requires silica to convert calcium into building blocks of bones and teeth. All these trace minerals mentioned are basically factors in the treatment of hair loss.




Ways silica can help

Now, you can take a second look on silica for hair growth solution. Here are two ways it can help you in your hair health issues.

  1. Silica’s ability to address hormone imbalance is outstanding. This excess of hormones happens in women who result in an unhappy state of hair or skin and spoiled mood. Silica supplements for hair growth will definitely help in hormone equilibrium and restore hair vitality by working from the inside out. It might be a more effective way than taking some herbs with hormone-mimicking content.
  2. Silica transports nutrients to the limbs of the body such as the nails, skin and hair. It delivers vital nutrients to follicles to repair the skin and revive hair growing cycles. As silica bonds with other minerals in the body, you will achieve an improved level of health, as well as long, lustrous and thick hair that only silica can give.


Silica presence in food and other sources

In orthomolecular medicine, silica is being hailed as one of the super foods and sold as such.

If silica were present in almost all food, why the pervasive deficiency? Some minerals occurring in food are in the form of alumina-silicate, a non-bioavailable silica element. Hence, this accounts for the overblown mineral deficiency.

Animal food sources supply less concentrations of silica than plants. Centuries of chemical-based agriculture have stripped soils of silica and other essential minerals.
Food and beverages contain silica. Oats, carrots, whole unrefined grains, mineral water, almonds, coffee and beer are rich in silica. In plants, bamboo and horsetail are among the main sources of silica and made as tea or extract or additives in hair-care products such as shampoos and conditioners.

+Horsetail, an herb known as equisetum arvense, contains five to eight percent organic silica. In comparison, bamboo extracts, known as bambousa vulgaris, is said to be highly rich in silica with seventy percent organic silica content.

Silica for hair growth mask and Silica supplements are on sale online at Amazon or eBay.


Modern Research on silica

Modern research on silica has gained distinction when a scientist at the UCLA School of Public Health, Dr. Edith Carlisle, determined silica’s role in our body’s normal growth and development.

Animal research underscored silica’s significance for health and normal growth development in mice and other animals. On a higher plane, human research has substantiated that silica supplementation has the capacity and power to break down a host of maladies suffered by people from their youth, middle age, until old age.

Silica’s role in collagen synthesis and development of the body’s connective tissues is emphasized its physiological implication. As a person gets older, collagen depletion, triggered in the first place by insufficiency of silica intake, is among the reasons for many of the aging-related medical conditions. Dry skin, degraded tooth or gums, brittle bones and joints and hair loss are undeniably silica-related conditions.


Nutritional benefits of silica:

  • It aids in the manufacture of collagen in the body. Collagen strengthens and support connective tissues that hold together in place ligaments, joints, muscles, bones and organs.
  • Toughens teeth and gum.
  • A mineral crucial in normal bone development.
  • Silica regulates calcium and magnesium balance in the body
  • Silica keeps arteries elastic and strong to promote blood circulation, and prevents the build-up of plaque on arterial wall and other arteriosclerotic conditions.
  • Promotes healthy skin tissue and causes rapid healing and repair of skin burns, wounds and injuries.
  • Aids collagen in rejuvenating thinning hair, scaly skin and deformed nails.
  • Silica eliminates aluminum through a detoxification process. Aluminum poisoning can result in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.


To supplement or not

The American medical community recognizes the imperative need for silica supplementation to bolster health and fight chronic diseases, which hamper longevity.

  • Medical measurements confirm that silica levels drop with age.
  • Traditional food sources that contain silica such as potato, oat, barley and millet are yielding less of the nutrient due to chemically chargedagricultural practices and food refining process, which remove traces of the mineral.
  • The modern American diet is deficient in essential micro nutrients, particularly silica.
  • Persistent problems on hair, skin and nails proliferate in pandemic proportions due to widespread nutritional deficiency in silica.

According to research, an average person’s daily intake of silica from food runs between twenty to sixty milligrams, a quantity which is inadequate to meet the body’s requirement. People who take some type of silica supplements at 200 mg. or more per day will be able to meet its full beneficial effects.



A silica deficiency case is rare, though its presence in the body dissipates as you grow older. Consuming silica supplement in your preferred form can help you maintain sufficient amounts of this trace mineral and avert hair loss.

For any changes in diet and supplement, ask your doctor first before taking silica. There’s a warning against consuming horsetail as tea or extract while suffering from condition like kidney or cardiovascular problems, gout or diabetes.

When people are new to unheard of minerals like silica, they would rather try using the product first for external use and see how silica for hair growth results work out before doing intake of supplements or as a tea beverage. This caution is perfectly understandable, particularly for pregnant or lactating mothers.

Here we have examples on how you can start using silica externally; that is, on your hair. Introducing a silica routine to hair care will boost your appetite for DIY application of the best products available.

1) Silica in beer for natural hair growth

Beer is an alcoholic beverage you will find in almost every part of the world. People consume it as a drink, and few know about the huge benefit it brings to the hair. One of the major problem people face these days is that of hair loss and beer acts as a hair growth stimulator. If you too are facing this problem, why not consider beer as an option?

Beer is one of the most popular drinks around the world. But did you know that beer has vast benefits to hair? Researchers say that beer is made up of natural ingredients, and one stands out: silica. Silica can bring unbelievable volume and thickness to hair. If this is what you are looking for, here are some ways go about it.

a) Beer Rinse

Use a mild shampoo to wash hair, then condition hair with beer. Let beer penetrate onto scalp and strand of every hair. Cover with towel and let it stand for thirty minutes. Show off with plain water.

b) Beer in a hair mask

Add a beer instead of plain water when preparing homemade hair mask. Use organic products for the mask and add the beer to it.

c) Hair mask with beer

Mix egg yolk with 100 ml beer. Apply on scalp and hair fibers. Cover treated hair with shower cap for 20 minutes. Rinse with plain water or mild shampoo. Repeat every two weeks to increase hair volume.


2) Avanti Silicon Mix

  • An intensive silica hair treatment
  • Hair treatment for dry or damaged hair
  • Longer-lasting scent


3) Avanti Silicon (Pearl Protein) Proteina de Perla

  • Fortifying silicon hair treatment
  • Enriched with pearl extract.


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