Solid Partners: Vitamin D and Hair Growth
Vitamin D and hair growth are inextricably linked, according to research. Vitamin D, otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin, is composed of a group of fat-soluble compounds that mainly shapes the development and sustenance of bone health. It primarily regulates the gastric absorption of magnesium, calcium, zinc and other... Read more
Silica for Hair Growth Rocks!
Taking Silica for hair growth? Out of nowhere, this wonderful trace mineral is getting a main attraction attention hereabout. How did it get here? Silica is a lesser-known micro nutrient that has key roles in the growth and development in humans. It is otherwise known as silicon, one of... Read more
Hair Growth Mask That Uncovers the Secrets to Lovely Hair
A hair mask, or hair growth mask, is a moisturing therapy for hair. It contains three or more key ingredients to deeply condition, moisturize and relax hair. The therapy prevents frizz and shedding, and produces softer, stronger and shinier hair. Ingredients commonly include botanical extracts, avocado oil, honey, olive... Read more
Why Tea Tree Oil for Hair is Your Best Option
Using tea tree oil for hair is one of the best home remedies treatment you can give to your hair and scalp, but maintaining a healthy hair and scalp is an intricate process. If you have tried several treatments but none of them worked for you, try tea tree... Read more
Tea Tree Shampoo Benefits You May Not be Aware of
One of the primary Tea Tree shampoo benefits is to get rid of lice, but it is also an excellent option for treating dandruff because it helps kill the bacteria and fungus on the scalp and helps to promote new hair growth. Tea tree shampoo can be purchased on... Read more
Which Essential Oils for Hair Growth is Good for You
When people think about hair loss, they always associate it with men, but there are plenty of women suffering from hair loss too. In fact, experts estimate that 1 in four women or 22 percent of women will experience hair loss at some time in their lives. We don’t... Read more
Farewell to Hair Problems with Castor Oil for Hair Growth
When you are thinking of regrowing your hair that means you are experiencing baldness or hair thinning. There are many treatment options you can try to solve this problem depending on the cause of your hair loss. As some hair issues are permanent and only require surgical treatment, hair... Read more
Why You Need the Best Vitamins for Hair Growth
Genetics, stress, and poor nutrition are the most common factors leading to hair loss, but there are many other reasons of its causes. However, there are best vitamins for hair growth to help you regain thicker and healthy hair. It is advisable to see your doctor or dermatologist before... Read more
How to Grow Eyelashes Using Home Remedies
Our eyelashes can enhance our beauty that’s why more women want to know how to grow eyelashes. Dark, defined, and thick eyelashes make us look more awake, attractive, and younger. However, this is difficult to achieve for women with a medical condition called madarosis, a name for eyelash loss.... Read more
Some Juicing For Hair Growth Tips That Can Help In A Big Way
Juicing is something that is very healthy and this is why so many people do adhere to it faithfully. There are many health rewards to getting natural juice from fruits and vegetables on the average. These health rewards do vary, but the one thing, they all do have in... Read more
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