Individuals with vibrant, thick and shiny hair are the envy of people who don’t have it. Aspiring to look gorgeous among themselves, many people... Vitamins for Thicker Hair To Choose

Individuals with vibrant, thick and shiny hair are the envy of people who don’t have it. Aspiring to look gorgeous among themselves, many people frequent salons or buy vitamins for thicker hair growth for lush hair volume, styling freedom and striking beauty.

Hair and appearance matter a lot for everyone. Hair is a serious issue for people earnest about getting their careers off the ground. A person’s hair is a compelling indicator of individual identity and status. Talk about hair can be found everywhere, from morning talk shows to headlines. For others, though, the hair can become an object of obsession and pain.

Having a thicker hair means strong, healthy hair, which improves a person’s looks, especially women. That’s the opposite of fine, limp hair that doesn’t stand out. And people just can’t wait until they wear the kind of thick hair they see on TV commercials or a thicker hair transformation by an officemate.

Now, tons of information and aggressive advertisement on the Internet promote nutrients to get thicker hair, vitamin complex and hair-care products with vitamins to achieve desired health. But, you may ask, which vitamins for thicker hair work best for me?



How do vitamins for thicker hair work?

Vitamins are organic nutrients in food and necessary for normal growth and development of the body. They promote a supply of key nutrients and influence the health condition of your hair. Poor nutrition leads to reduced nourishment, low energy levels and triggers chronic health problems that will manifest in your skin, nails or hair.

If your hair is dry and fragile, it is saying what most of us will notice: nutritional deficiencies or lack of vitamin intake. If you’ve been unsuccessful in growing your hair in the past, learning how vitamins work to improve your health and help you grow thicker hair will make a lot of difference for you.

Taken daily, vitamins will boost your energy and body systems to produce thicker, stronger and healthier hair, giving yourself a chance to reach your grooming and beauty goals successfully.


Good vitamins for thicker hair

Biotin– Biotin is found among the vitamin B complex that is generally used in preventing hair loss and revives hair growth. It is widely recommended for hair loss in women who have given birth and chemotherapy patients in growing back hair rapidly.

As a nutritional element, biotin helps create the building blocks of our body, efficiently metabolizing protein, fat and carbohydrates for easy absorption and nourishment of cells and system processes of the body. A water-soluble vitamin, biotin cannot be stored in the body and should essentially be part of regular diet. Food sources highly rich in biotin are Swiss chard, chicken egg, carrot, goat’s milk, almonds, halibut and berries.

B-complex– Niacin, cobolamin and folic acid are among the vitamins of the B-complex that help hair growth and restore thickness and shine to every strand of the hair. These vitamins for thicker hair can be found in avocado, legume, eggs and whole grains.

Iron is a mineral which supplies oxygen to the hair to maintain growth. Child-bearing women and people who eat less red meat have the tendency to be iron deficient. Foods with high iron content are egg yolks, chicken, spinach and lentils. Consult your physician about your daily iron intake. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron is a high-potency dietary supplement with vitamin C and B12, iron, folate, probiotics, and live enzymes. It is a dairy-free and gluten-free vegan supplement. It is a whole-food, multi-nutrient formula made with raw food-nutrients necessary for proper nutrient delivery.

Zinc – an active lifestyle punctuated by regular gym work outs make you lose a lot of zinc. Zinc breaks down protein and is a hair growth substance. Pumpkin seeds, chocolate, turkey and lamb are great sources of zinc.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is considered a vital heart nutrient. Used internally and externally, Vitamin E has the same beneficial effect for those seeking to grow thicker hair and ward off hair loss. It promotes capillary growth in the scalp and blood circulation to heal damaged hair and promote healthy regrowth.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights — aging and stress, as well as premature graying of hair. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient and naturally occurring in food such as liver, green leafy vegetables, shrimp, nuts and vegetable oils.

Vitamin D – this vitamin is crucial in the hair follicle cycle, particularly for individuals whose lifestyle does not get them sufficient exposure to sunlight. Get vitamin D in the  diet with grains, beef liver, salmon and mushroom or 20 minutes of sunlight every day. Vitamin D3 Gold Advantage is an excellent source of vitamin D because it is made from Lanolin. It contains 5,000 IU of natural and highly bioavailable form of vitamin D. The best thing about this supplement is, it is manufactured without artificial ingredients or preservatives. Every batch is tested to ensure potency and purity in every capsule.

Ask your doctor how much vitamin D3 Gold Advantage supplement should be taken with food daily.


Why do we need vitamins for thinning hair?

Hair health is dictated by several factors. Let’s take a look at a few:

Diet – Fill your plate with hair-friendly food to prevent damage and breakage. Some form of dieting may supply nutrients to the body’s organs and systems but not the hair. Eat food rich in protein (meat), zinc and vitamin B complex to cause new cell formation in the follicle and support fine, brittle hair.

Age – we all know that slower hair growth and graying happen later in life. It yields dividends to pay attention to our diet by eating hair healthy foods, exercise regularly and avoid stress.

Medication – Taking birth control pills, vitamin A derivatives, antihypertensive, depressants and heartburn medications can damage follicle and spark off hair loss. If you are shedding more than 100 hair strands per day, check your new medications with your physician.

Genes – Your DNA has the blueprint and control of hair thickness, the tendency of hair to grey early and susceptibility to pollutants and stress. See your dermatologist on how you can fight oxidative damage.

Stress – this unseen but gripping factor can speed up shedding and thinning of hair besides tearing up your mood to pieces. Stress propagates harmful neurochemicals cortisol and adrenaline. Try to relax to calm your nerves and hair.

Of course, natural vitamins to help hair become thicker is only a part of the equation for healthier hair and the other part is you, and what more you can do to keep your hair healthy. You can do more in caring and grooming for your hair by using less dyes, heat styling and harsh chemical treatments. Hair brushing, shampooing and conditioning should be done with care in order to prevent damage.

If you have skin or scalp problems and unable to decide which vitamins for thicker hair will work for your situation, ask your Dematologist to give you recommendations that will work best for you.

Share with us your experience about the vitamins you are taking and suggestions about vitamins for thicker hair.


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