ааEvery woman is beautiful, but they are not created equal. Some are naturally blessed with beautiful features, and others have to work a little... Is Eyebrow Growth Important to You?

ааEvery woman is beautiful, but they are not created equal. Some are naturally blessed with beautiful features, and others have to work a little harder to get it.

On the face, there is one feature that can make a big difference to your looks, it’s your eyebrows. Our eyebrows are considered one of the more prominent features of our face that when shaped properly can enhance the beauty of our eyes. If you are not naturally endowed with this feature like Halley Berry and Cindy Crawford, you have plenty of options to change this.

Our eyebrows can also protect our eyes from sweat and rain. Their thickness, length, and color are different with every person. Some are gifted with thick and dark eyebrows while others have thin and very light.

Due to plucking, tweezing, or too much waxing, your eyebrows can become scanty. If you are on menopause, you may experience hormonal fluctuation, which could lead to eyebrow hair loss.


Alternatively, you could lose your eyebrows due to some sort of accident. Chemotherapy could also be the reason for eyebrow loss. However, no matter what the reason is for eyebrow thinning, this can be very frustrating because it can hamper the way we look.


Eyebrow trends

Most beauty trends are easy to try but when it comes to your eyebrows, you either have them, or you don’t.

Back in the 90s we hate bushy brows. We tweezed them nearly naked, and they looked awesome back then. Now many of us are left with residual brows that don’t grow back. In the years that followed, gel and strategic powders were used to fake fuller eyebrows.  Then in 2011, bold, big brow is a must-have.

Since the hottest trend right now is thick eyebrows, many of us from over-tweezed era needed eyebrow growth treatments, thus, many topical serum treatments were born.


Eyebrow growth options

Our eyebrows will normally regrow within six to eight months if we lose it due to waxing or plucking. There are many eyebrow growth products available in the market today specially formulated to stimulate regrowth. Brow serum like Anastasia Beverly Hills No Brows, No Problem Kit doesn’t come cheap, but they are worth your investment.

This brow enhancing serum contains Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced you can use every evening and morning before applying makeup, Brow Wiz, to define and shape your brow then Clear Brow Gel as conditioner. This is safe to use because it does not contain sulfates and phthalates.

The key ingredient used in brow serums is peptides, which help growth of hair at the follicular level. The effect of serums may differ from one person to another. Some may have to wait longer to see the effects of such serums. Even eye lashes serums have similar effects for growth of eyebrows. These may be expensive. However, due to the success rate of eyebrow growth, many women prefer using this method. These serums are easily available in drugstores.


Eyebrow Growth home remedies

There are several options for growing pretty thick eyebrows you can do at home. They are safe, and most of the ingredients can be found in your own kitchen.

  1. Make a mixture of one teaspoon lemon juice, four teaspoons, sesame oil, and ½ teaspoon rosemary to stimulate natural eyebrow growth. Apply the mixture with a cotton ball and let it dry completely before washing it off with a gentle face cleanser. This can be done twice a day and is the safest remedies, there is.
  2. Another known remedy to nourish your eyebrows is to mix ¼ cup of coconut and lemon peel. Keep the mixture in a cool dry place overnight before applying it to the eyebrows. When the solution is ready, you can apply it every night and wash your face in the morning. Be sure to minimize contact with direct sunlight to avoid.
  3. Aloe Vera can promote healing and stimulate eyebrow hair growth. Always use freshly crushed leaves for optimum results.
  4. Instead of paying hefty amount of money that offers speedy eyebrow growth, prepare your own tonic by mixing ½ teaspoon lime juice, one teaspoon tea tree oil, one teaspoon lemon juice, and four tablespoon coconut oil in a bottle. Shake it well and apply the mixture to your eyebrows using a cotton ball. Let it dry and wash off after 30 minutes.
  5. Make sure to incorporate proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, and copper.

Healthy and nutritious foods like fruits, and nuts containing Omega-3 fatty acids that include avocados, walnuts and olive oil are excellent solution for eyebrow growth. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A like carrots, potatoes. Include iron containing foods in your diet like lean cut of meat, and fish.  Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are rich supply of folate to help in growth and rejuvenation of cells like spinach and kale.


Techniques to stimulate eyebrow growth

Our eyebrow is important because they will affect how we look. Here are some helpful tips to encourage eyebrow growth and get the results you want.


•Grow Them In Rows

Allow your brow hairs closest to the existing brow to grow in but pluck those that are not so you can begin to grow the next row.


• Stimulate Growth Through Exfoliation

Exfoliate plucked area of your eyebrow with a baby brush to stimulate growth.


• Use A Brow Razor For Stubborn Areas

Use a brow razorto shave the area of the brow you want more growth to occur to spark growth and help make the eyebrow growth faster.


• Experiment With A Brow Serum

There are tons of serums you can use to boost eyebrow growth. Most of these brow serums have peptides to encourage growth. Try  Mary Kay’s Lash and Brow Building Serum. It contains a combination of three active peptides to increase the growth phase of your hair.


• Fill In With Brow Powders As You Wait

Fill the sparse areas of your brow with brow powders or pencils and hold it in place with a brow gel then blend it using a clean mascara wand. Brow powder is fine powder identical to your hair, which sticks to your scanty eyebrows easily and gives it a fuller look to your eye brows. Some brands that you could get online are Billion dollars brows, Chanel’s, Le sourcil De Chanel.


Our biggest problem with home remedies and modern treatments is patience and time. However, if you are willing to commit to these recommendations for eyebrow growth, it’s worth investing your time, and money.

Share us your eyebrow growth experience and what products help encourage faster eyebrow growth for you.


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