If you happen to be struggling with thinning hair, it is important for you to understand that you are not alone. Hair loss is... Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Hair Growth

If you happen to be struggling with thinning hair, it is important for you to understand that you are not alone. Hair loss is a common issue among women and men. Once believed to only be a male issue, scientist have discovered that women make up more than 40 percent of hair loss sufferers in the US. Hair loss or thinning hair for a woman can be a devastating occurrence. Fortunately, you are not left without recourse. There is remarkable research that confirms that the use of extra virgin olive oil can immensely impact hair loss.

Engaging Hair Loss

In this current culture, it is considered much more acceptable for men to have thinning hair or to lose their hair together. Unfortunately, the exact opposite can be said for women. Because of the stigmatism that can be associated with female hair loss, many women choose to suffer in silence than to seek the appropriate assistance in order to find the help they need — for fear of ridicule. Another issue that women who suffer from hair loss have to contend with is the fact that the medical community all but ignores the fact that women suffer from this condition as well. What this means is that most women who suffer from hair loss find it extremely difficult to find the necessary treatment to reverse the condition. Many have simply accepted their condition as their lot in life and moved on.

This is unfortunate because nature always takes care of health issues; it is simply a case of knowing where to look. Extra virgin oil has some remarkable properties that allow it to address a broad spectrum of health issues, one of which is the thinning of hair and hair loss in general. Instead of treating your hair loss condition as if it is no big deal because there does not seem to be a viable solution, learn how extra virgin olive oil can help you stop and reverse hair loss.

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Psychological Toll

One of the reasons that there is such little attention given to female balding is that very little consideration is given to the psychological toll associated with female hair loss. Hair thickness and length are one of the major visible distinctions between men and women and most women draw a direct correlation between their hair and their beauty. The loss of hair for a woman can be absolutely devastating. A woman with thinning hair can develop serious self-esteem issues, not believing that she is beautiful or worthy enough to warrant attention or acceptance.

The American Hair Loss Association acknowledges that hair loss for women is a very serious life-altering event and that serious consideration and attention must be given to this event.

Some hair loss can be a temporary issue that is prompted by shifts in hormones or stress, while some instances can prove to be permanent because of damage to the hair follicle. Hair growth and maintenance begins with the hair follicle. If the hair follicle is not getting enough blood flow, nutrients and vitamins, it will cease functioning or it will function stagnantly. Using virgin oil is one way to stimulate consistent blood flow to the scalp and follicles, providing the vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for healthy hair growth.

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Highly Effective Natural Remedy

Over the past seven to 10 years more and more data has been compiled that confirms that extra virgin oil has the capacity to improve hair health as well as increase hair growth. Even when comes to cases of alopecia. Alopecia is a medical term associated with severe cases of abnormal hair loss, especially in women. There are numerous forms of alopecia that are generally categorized by the source of the problem.

No matter whether you are talking about men or women, there is one thing that all hair loss has in common — it is a symptom. This means that it is always the result of something else that has gone wrong in the body. You hair on your head will remain there as long as there are no hormone imbalances, diseases, chemical contamination or some other condition. If you are losing hair that means that something is out of balance in your body. Something as simple as taking a birth control pill can cause hair loss.

In most cases, once you identify the cause and it is treated, the scalp will begin to produce hair in its normal, yet random pattern as always; however, there are those instances in which women continue to struggle with hair loss. If the issue has to do with scalp conditions, olive oil has certain properties that make it the ideal ingredient to use in treating hair loss. First of all, it serves as a scalp conditioner. Most people are unaware of this, but the primary culprit in controllable hair loss is poor treatment of the scalp. If you have a dry and irritated scalp it will negatively impact the health of your hair. By using extra virgin olive oil, you will be able to condition your scalp while also increasing the amount of blood that is flowing to the hair follicles in your scalp. This ensures that the proper nutrients reach the follicle so that it can function optimally in producing and maintaining a healthy head of hair.

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Works Well as a Conditioner

EVOO is also known for its ability to condition the hair as well as the scalp. It is important to understand that your hair is just like the rest of your body; it will forsake you when you don’t give it the proper attention. Using an organic product such as extra virgin olive oil as a treatment alternative ensures that your hair and scalp are getting the necessary amount of nutrients and proper condition.

Extra virgin olive works great when it is used as a conditioner and cleanser. Yes, you heard correctly. This oil has great cleansing properties in addition to its ability to moisturize and stimulate blood flow. Using olive oil to cleanse your hair in lieu of shampoo could help prevent dry scalp and dandruff.

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    IF we oilve oil used as a daily use ? IT will stops the hair loss?


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